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A trustworthy and strategic partner in your candidate search.


Does this sound familiar?


The natural products industry is so niche that sometimes even scientific recruiters are too generalized for your search. Finding the perfect candidate is challenging.

Finding Talent

I’m a natural products industry recruiter who knows where to find even the most elusive talent. 

The Scientific Method for Finding Candidates


Introductory Call

When you have a role you need to fill, we’ll book a call so I can determine your needs and discuss what our partnership could look like. 


Submit a Candidate

I’ll dive into the market and see what skillsets are available within the search parameters provided to me.


Schedule Client Interview

You’ll get to talk to the candidates on your own terms, and if none of them are a good fit, I’ll go back to the drawing board to find you someone who is! 


Checking In

We’ll chat about the interviews and discuss how they went. If you need to see more candidates, I’ll get more resumes on your desk. 


Results of Interview

Now is the time to invite candidates in for additional interviews or give your candidates feedback as to why they might not be the right fit for your team. 


Make Offer or Repeat Process

If the client or candidate are satisfactory for the role, we start the process of sharing the position offer. If they are not satisfactory, the process begins again with a new selection.


On a journey to find your next hire.


I’ve helped to relocate candidates from around the country and globe. Whether your candidate is right in your backyard or across the world, I’ll find them.  

Stay Ahead of your competitors

I will help you find that perfect fit you’ve been looking for.  


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Work With Me

I’m a trustworthy and strategic partner in your candidate search.

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